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How to measure what size of garage door do you need

gaage door measurments

In Princeton NJ area most of the garage doors have standard sizes, but when buying a new door it is very important to take the right measurements and to make sure that your new door will defiantly going to fit to the frame opening, a small different in size can make easy job to a nightmare. The tools that you will need are tape measure pan and paper.


If you already have garage door and you just went to replace the panels it’s not a problem just measure the existing wide and high of the old door and then you be able to determine if the garage door that you have is standard or not.

When replacing just the panels without the tracks you HAVE to measure the thickness of the panel, the thickness in most of the old wooden doors in Princeton NJ is 1 3\4 so if you will order new steel overhead door with a thickness of 2 inches you may have a difficulty to install the new door .

But if you don’t have any existing door that you can measure so you need to follow those steps:


Step 1

First we will need to take the Measure for head room so there is enough room for the garage door to actually operate. Make sure there are no pipes or framing members in the way, the minimum distance from the end of the door to the Ceiling must by at list 6 inches if you don’t have enough space you can use low-headroom tracks

Step 2

Measure the width of the door from the actual structural member, not the trim piece. Door sizes are always quoted WIDTH x HEIGHT and are sold to fit the opening size, i.e. a 8 x 7 door will actually be slightly smaller so that it fits into a 8' x 7" opening with the necessary clearances.


Step 3

Measure for side room (the size from the beginning of the left frame to the left wall): 3-3/4" is required on each side for installation of the vertical track for standard extension or torsion springs, or EZ-SET® Torsion Spring. 5-1/2" is required for EZ-SET Extension Spring.


That’s it now that you have all the measurements and you now for sure that the new garage door that you about to order will fit perfectly to your house the next step will be to choose the quality and style for the new garage door


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